Peppermint Willow is a journey. A yarn of memories, of many tried & tested pursuits, which ultimately led my creative self back to the beginning.

I was taught to knit and crochet by my Mum when I was little. I crocheted my first blanket when I was nine years old while travelling with my family throughout Western Australia in our caravan.

Now a wife and mother to three sons, I couple my most heartfelt experiences together with those lasting memories, of unique landscape, colours, and textures to create the unique and bespoke pieces of Peppermint Willow.

Using only 100% Australian merino wool, each piece is made to order to retain that statement of luxurious touch and timeless quirkiness that comes with handmade. Each piece has a highly textural yet raw natural sensory feel so it will immediately create its own rich memories within your lives & homes.

The chunky knit aesthetic has a heavy softness unlike any other and the slow nature of this oversized craft ensures the highest of quality and the most comforting of finishes.

Peppermint Willow specialises in woollen blankets and throws, and can customise any piece to a one of a kind nature. They are made to be an extension of you, a statement piece for your home that brings familiar warmth to your space and function.